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Setting this up as an archive for my fics and a place for things too short to post elsewhere. I'm up on tumblr,, and Archive of Our Own under the same name.

Tales of Vesperia fics:

1. Canon Universe

A. Pre-Game
How the Cookie Crumbles Flynn & Yuri kid!fic
Going for a Dip Another Flynn & Yuri kid!fic
The Things We Leave Behind
Quiet Places
Simple Stories
First Time
Beneath the Palace Spires

B. In-Game
A Town Before the End of the World
This was the first fic I ever wrote for Tales of Vesperia. I sorta figured I'd express my feels with this little oneshot and be done with it. I was wrong.
Before the Final Battle
Unlike Us
Bittersweet Seeds
Unexpected Displays of Affection
Wedding Veil
After Zaude
At Ease
Breathless (hanahaki scenario)

C. Post-Game
Hard at Work
Early Morning Sunlight
A Brief Encounter with Basilisks
Wrapped 'Round
After, in the Dark
Waiting for Dawn
Odd Jobs 1/2/3 Slightly crack-y. Features Ioder being a creeper with some Fluri on the side.
Festival Cotton candy fluff featuring Fluri and Ristelle
Back to Basics A Yuri+Flynn blanket scenario.
Dress Blues
In Memories
Nostalgia Inspired by this picture.
Aftermath Can be read as a followup to "Nostalgia," but doesn't have to be.
Two of Cups
Sweet Reunion
With Sunlight Pouring In
The Commandant and the Honorable Outlaw
Sun Through a Skylight
The Comforting Scent of Books
Measuring the Distance Between Us
Finding My Way Back to You Followup to "Measuring the Distance Between Us"
Only Myself With You
Follow My Lead
Home Sweet Home
Devil's Advocate (canon universe version)
Light the Way Home
Forward, a Step at a Time
Meaningful Looks
Broken Ankle
Love Song
Pet Names
The First Star is for Him
From the Heart
Ti Voglio Bene
Two Sides
More to Love
Festival of the Dead
First Kiss

D. Sleep of the Just (the Dreaming set)
The Sleep of the Just
Troubled Dreams
Polish the Stars

E. Convictions
This is a set of stories that take place in the canon universe. A few can be read as standalone stories, but most reference a previous story. "Conviction" and the Letters pair in particular should be read in chronological order.
Conviction 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12/13
Kidding 1/2
A Nice Change of Pace
Letters Unsent
Letters Unwritten

F. Random Encounters
Basically, this set is a ‘what if?’ based on the idea that Yuri and Flynn could have been a little more than friendly behind the scenes during the course of the game. It runs from a year after Yuri left the Knights through about half a year after the end of the game. Every story set within the timeframe of the game takes place where Flynn and Yuri actually crossed paths, and each story contains adult content.
“Descent” and “Rising” function together as the first story and can be read in either order.
The Descent of a Falling Star
The Early Rising of the Sun
The View from a Sunny Day
The Perfect Gray of Storms
The Silence in the Rain
Pathways Branching and Diverse
Watching the Shadows of Clouds
Holding a Candle up to the Stars
The Weight of Anemones
A Place Where the Sun Shines Warm
Beneath the Brilliance of the Stars
Petals Falling like Snow
Masks of Belief and Lies

Alternate Universe

A. Urban Fantasy and Fairy Tales
Undertow 1/2/3/4/5/6/7
Children of the Lost Moon 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11
Mirror's Image
Once Upon a City Block
See You on the Other Side
Child of the Forest
The Lion and the Crow

B. High School/College/Slice-of-Life
View from a Second Story Window 1/2
Prom Night Followup to "View from a Second Story Window"
High School AU text drabble
A Cup of Coffee, a Book of Poetry, and...
Trouble in a Black Hoodie 1/2/3/4/5 (Alternate ending by bad0mens.)
Posy Based off of this fic challenge from Hoskky
Memento A followup to "Posy" based on this fic challenge from Suguelya
Remembrance A followup to "Posy" and "Memento"
Important Little Things
A Night at the Circus
One Night at Flynn's
Lazy Summer Day
Devil's Advocate (modern AU version)
A Briefly Embarrassing Encounter
Surprises in Store
Takeoffs and Landings
Wish List
Movie Night
Taking the Plunge
Speed Dating
Candlelight and Lucky Charms
Pick-up Lines
Stay With Me (Linking to the tumblr post so that I don't have to re-figure out how to make translations pop up when you hover the cursor over the text.)
Candy Boy
Life Imitates Art
The Mermaid's Lagoon
Siren Song Follow up to "The Mermaid's Lagoon"
Tourist Attraction
Constructive Criticism
A Laughing Matter

C. College Town
A collection of loosely-connected short stories where Flynn & Yuri are in college. This is a not a continuation of the high school AU I put together. They’re two completely separate sets of stories.
Table For Two
First Time for Everything
All That Glitters
Just Desserts
Poetic License
That Which Defines Us
Reverse Psychology
Rosemary & Thyme
Cooking Lessons 1/2
Night Out
Fight or Flight
Fever Dreams
Under the Covers
In Medias Res 1/2
Unintended Consequences 1/2

D. Mix Tape
Based on a tumblr prompt from Hoskky about Yuri being a metalhead and Flynn being a classical music student.
Forte 1/2/3
Counterpoint 1/2/3
Small Things
Degrees of Separation
Surface Tension
Sudden Reversal
House of Cards
The Blunder of Actaeon
Stage Dive
Singing in the Shower
Monster Movie Monday
Coming Attractions

3. Fem!Fluri

A. Pretty Much the Same
For a Special Occasion
Kiss and Makeup
Play Date
Vacation Plans
False Start
Breaking Down Barriers
Family Reunion

B. Seaside
Talismans and Tokens
Cantrips and Kisses
Blood and Beginnings 1/2/3/4/5/6/7

C. Assorted shorts
Wolf at the Door
The Language of Flowers
Hanging Gardens Follow up to "The Language of Flowers"
Faerie Rade
Among the Stars

4. (Mostly Silly) Fusions

A. Anime fusions
V Gundam, Episode 19: Fury Sparks! Battles at the Edge of Civilization!
Tales of Vesperia/G Gundam fusion
Can't Have a Revolution Without Breaking Some Eggs
Tales of Vesperia/Revolutionary Girl Utena fusion
The followup to a Tales of Vesperia/Charlie and the Chocolate Factory fusion that doesn't exist
Cooking for Dragons
Tales of Vesperia/Enchanted Forest Chronicles crossover
Tales of Pacific Rim
Self-explanatory title
Serpent's Tale
Tales of Vesperia/Pet Shop of Horrors fusion

B. Fairy Tale Nonsense
*See author’s notes for warning information.
Snow White
Red Riding Hood
Hansel and Gretel
Jack and the Beanstalk

5. Collaborations with bad0mens

A. The Paper Stack
1920s AU
Paper Cut
Paper Plane
Legal Papers
Paper Flowers
Photo Paper
Paper Boats
Paper Trail
Waste Paper
Paper Boy

B. Brave Pizzeria
(Will be posted here soon, but I'm too lazy today. You can read what we have so far on tumblr.)

Ask Box Fics
There's a lot of 'em. Updated: March 19th, 2015

Short essays (which I wrote after the first play through and REALLY need to be updated):
My interpretation of Yuri Lowell based on the movie and the game
My characterization of Yuri and Flynn
Quick look at a key scene featuring Yuri and Estelle

A Rant about Mantaic (Brief discussion A/B)
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