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Story: More to Love
Series: Tales of Vesperia
Pairings: Fluri
Warnings: none

A/N: Written based on an ask I received on tumblr. It was such a cute idea that I couldn't resist. -^^-

Disclaimer: The characters and settings in this story are from Tales of Vesperia and do not belong to me.

It was long past dawn, and habit had forced Flynn out of bed when he would have rather lingered with the comfort and warmth of Yuri sprawled atop him. He sat at his personal desk, pen scratching across paper as he replied to Estellise's latest letter. It was a balmy morning in late spring, and he'd opened the windows to let in the breeze. Sunshine poured into the room in thick shafts between him and the shadowed corner where Yuri lay still drowsing on the bed. Birdsong and the rustling of leaves accompanied the soft sound of his pen as the curtains billowed. All else was silence. The quiet made it that much more obvious when Yuri finally began to stir.

“Good morning,” Flynn said. He didn't look up, but gestured at the tray on the corner of his desk. “I brought us up some breakfast. The tea's gone cold, so you'll have to fetch yourself some if you want it fresh.”

Yuri grunted, and yawned. Out of the corner of his eye, Flynn could see him sit up and stretch beyond the curtains of sunlight.

Rather than give up the warmth of the covers, Yuri leaned out over the small divide between bed and desk. Stretching as far as he could, he managed to snag a slice of the iced spice cake Flynn had brought for him. He dragged his prize back out of the light and hunkered over it, munching.

“Would you mind not eating in my bed? I don't like sleeping on crumbs.”

Yuri fluffed up a pillow against the headboard and took a moment to make himself comfortable in his nest of sheets. “Make me,” he said, mouth obviously full.

With a sigh, Flynn set his pen aside. He stood up from his desk and crossed the fall of sunlight to stand beside the bed, hands on his hips as he stared down at Yuri. His other half was contentedly breaking off a piece of spice cake to pop into his mouth. The white sheets were speckled with crumbs.

“Did you ever consider,” Flynn drawled, “that maybe eating so many sweets in bed is why you're getting fat?”

Yuri's jaw dropped. His gaze snapped up to meet Flynn's, shock on his face. He had no sarcastic retort prepared for such a comment, and could only utter in disbelief: “What?”

“You—” Flynn reached out to jab Yuri just above his hipbone where a soft roll of flesh was forming where a year ago there had been only lean muscle. “—are getting—” He poked again as Yuri swatted at him, this time aiming for Yuri's stomach. “—fat!”

He wasn't, really. True, he wasn't as lean as he had been through childhood and most of their teen years. The hard muscles that had defined his body during his adventures away from Zaphias and in the first years he'd spent starting up his guild were still apparent. But the world was easing into a peaceful lull, and Yuri was finding less reason to fight and, if the rumors Flynn was hearing were true, more time to establish himself as one of the best bakers in Dahngrest. Yuri had undeniably put on a little bit of weight, and it hadn't escaped Flynn's notice. Grinning, he poked and jabbed, yanking his hands away as Yuri lashed out, cake forgotten in the face of the unexpected assault.

“Like you can talk!” Yuri snapped. He lunged, pinching above Flynn's belt and grinning fiercely at the pudge caught in his fingers. “When was the last time you got out from behind that desk?”

Flynn laughed, raising his hands in surrender. “All right, all right. So neither of us has been quite as vigilant about keeping in shape.” He caught Yuri's free hand as he sat down on the edge of the bed, then reached out and captured his other wrist, feeling crumbs tickle against the back of his hand as they fell. Defiantly, Yuri pulled free to stuff the last bit of cake into his mouth. He made a show of not caring about his distended cheeks as he chewed, and licked his fingers clean afterward. Flynn just watched him, smiling helplessly. He took Yuri's hand again once he was done and kissed the backs of his fingers.

“I was only teasing. It just means there's a bit more of you to love.”

Yuri snorted, lips twisted as he stared at Flynn in frank disbelief. He was gorgeous in the morning light, even with the sparkle of sugar icing clinging to one corner of his mouth. His hair was still tousled from sleep, his neck and chest dappled with evidence of Flynn's ardor from the night before. Leaning closer, Flynn let go of his hands, let his fingers wander down Yuri's chest and over his ribs, let his touch trail suggestively down his body.

“If you're so bothered by it, we can work some of it off right now.”

A spark kindled in Yuri's eyes, but it wasn't desire that shone there. “Good idea,” he said.

He threw back the sheets and crawled off the bed. Flynn watched appreciatively from behind as he got up. There was a bit more curve to him than there used to be, a bit more softness. A love bite dappled the skin high on the swell of his ass. It was a disappointment to see it hidden away as he got dressed.

“Get your sword,” Yuri ordered. “We're going to have a nice work out, you and me, down in the training field, right now.”

His eyes glittered wickedly when he glanced over his shoulder, and his tone promised revenge. Flynn grinned and got up to follow him, delighted just to have him home.


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