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Story: Siren Song
Series: Tales of Vesperia
Pairings: Fluri
Warnings: adult content

A/N: Follow up to "The Mermaid's Lagoon," a Fluri Month 2016 story for the 'jealousy' prompt. This one wasn't tagged with the others, but it does fit the 'I long for your touch' prompt.

Disclaimer: The characters in this story are from Tales of Vesperia and do not belong to me.

Flynn had barely arrived home and he was already counting the days until he could see Yuri again. The idea of moving in together had lodged in his heart and seemed sometimes too big to contain. He would recall it at odd moments and wind up smiling helplessly as his thoughts ran away with him. His preoccupation had earned him a few odd looks, but he hadn't realized quite how obvious he was until a little old lady in line in front of him at the grocery store had looked at him and smiled and commented that he must be in love.

It had hit home right then. He didn't just love Yuri, he was in love with him, too. For years, he'd been avoiding the word in connection with what they had between them. The concept had seemed too big, too important, too intimate. But it wasn't, was it? Love was a million tiny things: the days they'd spent playing online campaigns; the private chats when they'd started getting to know one another; the way their friendship had grown so steadily that it seemed as if they'd always been together; the first time they'd met in person and Yuri had been running on two hours of sleep because he'd been too keyed up to relax; the late night confessions when long days and darkness made it easier to admit to fears and insecurities; the way Yuri threw back his head when he laughed; the way his hair fell over his shoulders no matter how many times he pushed it back; the way he hummed when he cooked; the way nothing could keep him down except for himself; the way his breath had sounded over the phone the day Flynn had confessed his feelings; the way he smiled; the way he kissed; they way he sometimes, with a word or a look, made it obvious that he had placed his heart in Flynn's hands.

Love was sending each other links to gifs or stupid memes, staying up talking until exhaustion left them half asleep in front of their computers, texting whenever they had a spare moment. It was nights feeling incomplete without the other nearby. It was days half spent traveling across the country to have a week together. It was the perfect happiness of a movie marathon, the competitiveness that surfaced at the gym, the warmth of dozing off together in the same bed, the heat of hands caressing bare skin.


He wondered if Yuri had had such an 'ah-hah!' moment.

When Flynn got home from class, there was an email waiting for him from Yuri. There was no subject, which wasn't all that unusual, but when he opened it up, he found that Yuri hadn't added a message, either. He'd sent a video, and Flynn downloaded it, wondering how much he was going to regret watching it. The last time Yuri had sent him something with no explanation, it had been a link to a photo set of giant squids. Just the thought made Flynn shiver. Yuri shouldn't be trusted with irrational fears.

He started the video, and Yuri's face filled his screen. He was leaning over his own computer, grinning into the camera. A sucker stick protruded from one corner of his mouth, and he pulled it out, lips clinging to the bright red candy all the way.

Guess what I stole? he asked.

The video cut, and suddenly Yuri was sitting in his desk chair, far enough back for Flynn to see all of him. Fading hickeys dappled his throat and chest from Flynn's visit only a few days ago. He wore nothing but the glittering, purple satin mermaid tail from work. Flynn slapped a hand over his face, grinning and shaking with quiet laughter as Yuri adjusted the mic on his headphones and pulled the sucker out of his mouth again.

Not shown: me hopping around like an idiot trying to get all this set up. I oughtta make you wear this thing—see how much you like it then.

“It wasn't the tail,” Flynn insisted wryly. He'd tried to explain, but apparently, Yuri hadn't gotten the message. It was a little odd that he'd made a video rather than just called over Skype, though.

Yuri lifted his legs, flicking up the gauzy, iridescent fins at the end of the tail.

So, your little trick worked. I didn't turn into a mermaid again.

Grinning, he indicated the hickeys with the glistening tip of his sucker.

Till now, I guess. But I had something special in mind. A little 'thank you' for the kisses that broke the curse.

Opening his mouth wide, he brought the sucker to his lips and stuck out his tongue. Flynn felt his face heat up as Yuri licked teasingly all around his treat. His gaze was locked on the camera, the corners of his lips were quirked in a smile that couldn't quite blossom around the 'O' of his mouth. He slid the sucker down the top of his tongue, drew it out again, slid it in, bobbing his head along with the motion. It shone wetly, bright, bright red, staining his lips and tongue.

Flynn swallowed hard, realizing what Yuri had sent him, but still caught in disbelief. Surely he would only keep going for another minute or two, then stop and laugh and tease Flynn for having watched even this much. It had to be a joke. He couldn't really have—


With his free hand, Yuri dragged two fingers down his throat. He sought out the hickeys Flynn had left, circling them with a fingertip, prodding, wriggling his shoulders and slouching further in his seat.

Can still feel these.

He walked his fingers over the curve of his shoulder to a slightly darker bruise.

You bit me here.

Gathering his fingers together in a tight circle, he pressed them into his skin and moaned softly.

It's going to fade away soon.

Smiling, he drew the sucker into his mouth, going hollow-cheeked around it. His lips clung to it as he drew it slowly, slowly back out and pressed a kiss to it. He lifted his legs once more, drawing Flynn's attention back to the tail.

You'll have to hurry back and break the spell again.

Flynn couldn't help but watch as the video played on. Yuri continued sucking off the candy as he touched himself, fingers trailing over throat and collarbone, caressing the ghosts of kisses, pinching his nipples. He hummed and sighed, skin flushing becomingly pink even in the muted tones of the recording. Dry-mouthed, feeling himself growing hard in response, Flynn watched Yuri's hand sink lower, gliding over the toned muscles of his stomach. His fingers paused at the hem of the tail.

Only meant to borrow this, but they probably won't want it back. Oh, well. We'll put it to good use.

He spread his fingers into a 'V', running them down, around, over the bulge growing beneath the shining fabric. The first press of his hand had Yuri arching his neck, baring his throat to the camera. Flynn could still see him drawing the sucker in and out of his mouth. The mic caught the increasingly heavy huff of his breath. A moan rose from deep within his throat, and Flynn bit down on his bottom lip.

As Yuri stroked himself through the satin, Flynn rubbed sweaty palms over his thighs, then dug his fingers in to grip folds of his khakis. His pulse hammered in his ears, and the tension of it throbbed between his legs. He wanted to follow Yuri's example, wanted to touch himself, to mimic what he was seeing and listen to Yuri's voice, his gasps, and pretend that they were together, that they were learning more of what it meant to be with each other.

They had taken another step forward on this past trip. Those desperate kisses just inside the door to Yuri's apartment had brought them stumbling to the couch. Yuri had been quicker to get rid of his shirt this time, eager to get past the buttons of Flynn's and run his hands over bared skin. When Yuri had unzipped Flynn's jeans, Flynn hadn't stopped him. When Flynn had reached to do the same, fighting through the cramped tangle they had become on the small couch, Yuri had encouraged him with ardent nips along his throat. They had stroked each other to climax and collapsed in a panting heap of indolent kisses and breathy laughter. It had been slightly embarrassing, and entirely wonderful.

And now Yuri had sent him this, and Flynn didn't know what to do. It was definitely a turn on, and he had no doubt that Yuri had intended for him to enjoy it, but it was also an unexpected display of trust. He was too shocked still to do anything more than watch.

Yuri's moans spilled through his speakers, tinny in the silence of his room. He was panting now, chest heaving as he drew himself fully erect out of the tail.

I don't think I...mmm...could have done this if you were watching. Watching real time, I mean.

His thumb slipped over the very tip, and he cried out softly. Although he had been the one to record himself, to be playing to the camera, Yuri tried to muffle himself. His fist was pressed against his mouth, sucker stick hidden inside it as he moaned around the mouthful of candy. After a moment, he drew the sucker back out, the skin of his hand stained cherry red from where it touched him. He hung his head, bottom lip pressed against the sucker as his free hand continued stroking.

Might not send it to you.

He laughed, shortly, breathlessly, and glanced up at the camera.

Wouldn't that be lame? Do all this, then not...not even send it?

A sharp gasp made his whole body jerk. He bit his lip, hand and arm moving quicker, pumping, hurrying to the end.

Don't know why I'm telling you this.

Flynn leaned in toward the screen, breath coming almost as quick as Yuri's. He was raising a hand to touch the screen, but then curled his fingers in and let his arm fall back into his lap.

Next time we see each other, I want to—

His voice was growing faint and breathy, words lost as his heart beat and his lungs pumped and his fingers coaxed forth pleasure.

want you to—

He'd forgotten the sucker. He clutched it against his chest where it left a sticky stain on his skin.

Flynn.... Flynn, I want...!

Close, he was so close, Flynn could see it in every line of his body, could sense it. Yuri rocked back in his chair, drawing his knees up, hiding himself away as the satin flashed and glittered with the tremors that shook him.

Want you.... Flynn...want you to....

His heels slipped off the chair. He was practically sliding out of it, but he caught the armrest with his free hand. His hips bucked, jerking upwards to meet his hand as he hurried, hurried, hurried...!

Want you, want you, want you, Flynn...!

Yuri's back arched as he came. Flynn saw his stomach and chest splattered, saw white fleck the purple satin. He was breathing harshly as he relaxed slowly into the chair.

The video feed jumped again. Flynn caught a quick glimpse of Yuri's profile before his hand covered up the camera. The screen went black.

I miss you.

The video ended. For a long moment, Flynn could only stare, flushed and hard and still disbelieving. The first coherent thought that formed sent him scrambling to grab his phone. Yuri's number was the first listed in his speed dial.

“Pick up. Pick up, pick up...!”

The buzzing ring sounded flat in his ears. Once, twice, three times.... It rang until Yuri's voice mail picked up.

Leave a message.

“Yuri, I— Call me back.” His phone chimed a text alert even as he ended the call. The text, of course, was from Yuri.

[watched it?]

Flynn called him again, and again Yuri let the phone ring right through to voice mail.

Leave a message.

“Yuri, please pick up,” he begged. “I want to talk to you.”

He shifted uncomfortably in his seat, not knowing what he would say, what he even should say. Another text came through.

[not picking up]

Hit dial. Sit impatiently through the rings.

Leave a message.

“Please.” He held the phone in both hands and bowed his head as if in prayer. “I just want to hear your voice.”

His body was clamoring for attention. Flynn stood up, crossed to his bed, and sank to his knees on the floor beside it. He rested one arm on the mattress, hand hanging down to hold his phone where he could see it as he pressed his head against the covers. With his other hand, he undid his fly. He sighed at the relief, at the first touch. He tried calling Yuri again.

Four more tries. Four more times hearing Yuri's recorded voice repeat those three inane words. Four messages that were nothing but a breath and a plea after the beep.

Yuri picked up on the fifth try.

'Jeez, you're persistent.'

His voice sent tingles down Flynn's spine and stilled his hand.

“You've known that about me for a long time.”

They were both quiet for a long moment, nothing but breath over a phone line. This time, it was Flynn's that came quicker. He scrabbled for something to say.


'Why what?' He could practically see Yuri shrug.

“Why do that? Why send it to me?”

'You didn't like my little present?'

There might have been doubt in his words. Regret, maybe. Flynn stroked himself and let Yuri hear him gasp.

'You did like it.'

“Mm. I'm touched.”

Yuri laughed, and Flynn basked in the sound of it even as he tried to hide the quickening of his breath as he gave in to the need Yuri had sparked in him.

'Did you call me up hoping I'd talk dirty to you or something?'

“No. Just...wanted to hear your voice.”

'I talked plenty in that video,' Yuri muttered.

“Not the same.” He clenched his eyes shut, tightening his grip on the phone. “Yuri.... Yuri, I love you.”

The silence lasted longer this time. Too long, maybe. Then, Yuri laughed again.

'I should have stolen that tail a long time ago.'

Flynn's laugh was little more than a breath. “It wasn't the tail.” Yuri still didn't get it, but if he was happy, then maybe he understood the important part.


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