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Story: Life Imitates Art
Series: Tales of Vesperia
Pairings: Fluri
Warnings: adult content

A/N: Written as a (silly) PWP follow up to bad0mens' Coffee and Critiques.

Disclaimer: The characters in this story are from Tales of Vesperia and do not belong to me.

The bookstore after closing hours was an odd place of looming shadows and palpable silence. The comforting scents of coffee and books lingered where, less than an hour before, there had been light and chatter and laughter, the jingle of the bell over the door, the flutter of pages, the whir of the register and clatter of the cash drawer. Streetlamps shone down through the front windows like concentrated moonlight, throwing back the shadows by only a few feet. Every now and again a car drove past, headlights sweeping through the nearly deserted store. Yuri should have been closing up alone, but Flynn had lingered over a cup of coffee until last call. It had been almost a week since they had been able to see each other for more than half an hour, both of them too busy with papers and deadlines and work outside their conflicting schedules. Caught up in their conversation, Yuri had been equally reluctant to give up even a few more minutes together. He had urged Flynn to stay while the other customers left, then for just a couple of minutes while he locked up and took care of the deposit. Yuri had cut off the lights and disappeared into the back office, leaving Flynn to finish the last sips of his coffee in the dark.

Anticipation gnawed at him. Although he and Yuri had been having a perfectly innocent chat across the counter, the text messages Yuri had started sending him had been another story. He shifted uncomfortably, wishing Yuri would hurry up so that they could race back to Flynn's apartment and make good on all the teasing and suggestions that had gone straight to Flynn's head.

A tickle of warm breath against his skin was all the warning Flynn got before Yuri's tongue skimmed up the curve of his ear. He jumped, whirling around as his heart raced, and was instantly shoved up against the counter. Yuri kissed him, all heat and haste as he rocked his hips forward. His hands ran down Flynn's sides and yanked his shirt free from where it had been tucked so neatly in. The heat of Yuri's fingers spreading out against the bare skin of his stomach made Flynn shiver. The pressure of thumbs slipping in beneath his jeans, beneath the waistband of his boxers made him gasp, made his hips jut reflexively forward. Yuri hummed approval and turned his attentions to Flynn's neck, sucking over the beat of his pulse just beneath his ear.

“Bad idea,” Flynn managed. “I'm—” He clenched his teeth against a moan as Yuri swiveled his hips. His thumbs were straining lower, kneading Flynn's flesh so tantalizingly close to the budding ache and it was getting hard to think—

“My place!” Flynn gasped. He wasn't going to last until they made it there.

“We're locked in,” Yuri murmured against his skin. He lifted his chin, lips trailing up over Flynn's ear, breath warm and moist. “Closed till tomorrow morning,” he whispered, tongue flicking over the skin of Flynn's ear, making him shiver. “No interruptions.” His tongue was wet and soft. One of his hands had skimmed up over Flynn's stomach and chest beneath his shirt. He circled Flynn's nipple with a finger and withdrew his tongue. His teeth closed over Flynn's earlobe.

The last of Flynn's restraint dissolved. He turned his head, lips seeking Yuri's as his hands followed the ties of his canvas apron and fumbled at the knot. The kiss was needy and desperate, a week's worth of missed opportunities and quashed desires. Yuri moaned into the kiss, the sound of it shockingly loud in the closed store. The vibrations tingled over Flynn's skin and fed his arousal. He moaned again as Flynn kissed down his neck, letting it trail out longer this time. Flynn felt the sound hum beneath his tongue. He tugged Yuri's collar down to nip the crook of his neck, and Yuri threw back his head and moaned Flynn's name.

There was something in the sound of it, some hint of laughter that gave Flynn pause. In his moment of hesitation, Yuri's hands went back to work, flying up over his body, gathering up his shirt, and nearly ripping it off. He had to let Yuri go to pull it off or risk being tangled up.

As he tossed the shirt aside, Yuri gave him no time to think. He pressed forward, blessedly, blissfully warm against the goosebumps rising in response to the sudden exposure. In his eagerness, he got them turned around, dragging Flynn against him as he leaned back against the counter. Yuri's hands rubbed up and down his back, sliding along the dip of his spine, fingers splaying across muscles and the planes of his shoulder blades. His hips rocked steadily against Flynn's, his lips spread wide as their tongues slipped over and around each other, trying to find the perfect fit, trying to sate a wordless need. He pulled back only for a greedy gasp of air as he stripped off his apron and then his t-shirt, diving back into the kiss after each article of clothing as if starving for touch. He was hard beneath his jeans, and his moans became grunting, breathy sounds lost in the wet smack of the kiss, the harsh, in-drawn breaths.

Flynn broke the kiss once more, lips traveling down Yuri's throat, tasting the salt of his skin. He swirled his tongue in the hollow of Yuri's throat to the accompaniment of a low moan, and dappled the top of his chest with love bites.

“Flynn...! Oh, God, Flynn! Yes...! Yes!”

Hazily, lips closing around one of Yuri's nipples, Flynn thought that might be a bit much. He rolled his tongue around the soft bud of flesh, then opened his mouth wide to set his teeth against Yuri's skin, biting just enough to pinch, just enough to make him moan again.

“Flynn, God, Flynn...!” Yuri ducked his head, hands rising to cup Flynn's cheeks. His tongue lapped at Flynn's ear, the tip of it riding high along the inside curve while Flynn's knees went momentarily weak. “Flynn,” he whispered, breath hot and heavy. “I want to ride your baloney pony.”

A bark of laughter escaped Flynn at the unexpected absurdity. He tried to turn his head, to catch Yuri's eyes, but he was caught up in a kiss instead with Yuri moaning loudly, theatrically, with passion. And Flynn finally caught on to the game.

He knelt, kissing hastily along Yuri's pale, heated skin as he went. He butted his forehead against Yuri's erection, earning an honest gasp that left him grinning.

“If you want me to continue, then knock it off.”

“Flynn, you can't leave me all aquiver with lust! My loins burn for you!” Yuri waited until Flynn looked up at him, grinning helplessly, before he added, challenge clear in his smile: “Make me.”

He nuzzled again, amused and wanting Yuri so badly that he ached.

“Ohhh, you've got me so turned on. I want your key in my ignition.”

“That doesn't even make sense in that order.” He stroked his knuckles over the straining fabric.

“You wrote it, Hotstuff. Driven by Pleasure.” He hummed and canted his hips up. “Come on. Hand on the stick shift.”

Laughing softly, Flynn gave in. He popped the button on Yuri's fly, pulling jeans and boxers out of the way.

“How do you like my erotic tool? Does it get your motor running?”

He was almost fully erect, heat radiating from his skin. Flynn cupped him, fingers massaging gently as he flicked his tongue across the tip. Yuri threw his head back and groaned. He was slouching against the counter, arms atop it, fingers clenched over the lip as Flynn teased with breath and tongue and fingertips.

“Hope you're hungry for my cream-filled eclair. Keep squeezing the pastry bag and it's gonna explode.”

“That is not sexy.” He pursed his lips over the tip and spread them slowly, taking Yuri in.

“Paraphrasing.” His throat seemed to have gone tight, and he gasped shallowly between words. “Kneading Love.”

Flynn pulled back to look up, cheeks burning. “Have you memorized all of my novels?”

Grinning, Yuri shrugged. “I like the author. How does my sweet cream taste?”

“I don't know how far you think we're going to be able to go.” He licked Yuri base to tip, smiling to see him shiver.

“Check my pocket.”

Yuri's jeans were in a heap on the floor, but it only took Flynn a few seconds to find the bottle of lube tucked into one of them. A car drove by, catching Yuri in a momentary searchlight glare, flushed and beautiful. A thrill shot up Flynn's spine, the enticement of the forbidden, the chance that they might be caught. Again, he looked up to meet Yuri's eyes, just to be sure this was still okay. Kneeling in the shadows, Flynn couldn't be seen. It was only Yuri who stood on display for anyone passing by.

“Use it,” Yuri urged. “I want to feel your hot knife plunging into my butter.”

Flynn winced. “I do remember that one.” Spreading the Love. He squeezed lube out onto his fingers, trembling a little from the strain of his own need. Mockery or not, he wanted Yuri, wanted him spread out on the floor, moaning and eager and tight. He licked his lips and took Yuri in, listening to the encouraging moaning start up again and stumble as he reached around and pressed a slick finger inside. Flynn's head bobbed between Yuri's thighs, setting up a rhythm that fell into step with the slow thrusts of his finger, then sped up again. Yuri's hips trembled and twitched, jerking forward toward the heat of Flynn's mouth, thrusting back against his finger. He added a second digit slick with lube, scissoring them inside Yuri, stretching him gently out. He lapped at Yuri's erection, teasing with the light scrape of teeth that barely dimpled skin.

“Oh, yes, Flynn...! More! Harder! I want you deep in my secret place!”

He nearly laughed, and had to turn abruptly away. After that, he used his hand, only licking and sucking at the tip while the worst lines from his novels spilled from Yuri's mouth.

“Oh, God, yes! Pump my DNA rifle! Ready to fire, almost ready...! Fuck! Yes! Flynn, oh God, yes! I want your juicy meat rod! Bet it's so thick and hard. Fuck, fuck...! Yes! Ready for it, oh God...! Your fingers are so deep in my well...! So deep! Feels so good! Fuck, Flynn! I can feel my love juices flowing! So much, so much for you...!”

His gasps between shouts were as much laughter as drawing breath. He shook almost uncontrollably, was half doubled over with his fingers clenching in Flynn's hair. A third finger entering him didn't make any difference except to leave him swearing more and having a harder time remembering all the awkward things Flynn had written. Still, as embarrassing as it was to have Yuri moaning in his ear about private caves and electric shocks down his lightning rod, something about it was an incredible turn on. Maybe it was just how eager Yuri was. Maybe it was a need to prove himself better in the flesh than his silly romances. Maybe it was just that they had barely had any time together for a week and were stealing a chance where they weren't supposed to. Whatever it was, Flynn's heart was racing and his pulse was throbbing throughout his body. He was overheated and beginning to shake and if he couldn't bury himself deep inside Yuri soon he was afraid that he might burst.

“Fuck...fuck...yes....” Yuri was rolling his hips between the hand on his erection and the fingers inside him. His chest was heaving, his grip on Flynn's hair was tightening and loosening reflexively. “Coming.... Flynn, I'm coming...! Going to explode, going to go off like fireworks...! Like a volcano...! Oh, fuck, Flynn...!”

It wasn't so spectacular as all that. He came, splattering Flynn's cheek, neck, and chest, then sighed and sagged. With Flynn's hands on his body to guide him, he sank down to his knees, shifting, prodding, until Flynn sat with his legs stretched out and Yuri straddled him. His grin was cast in shadow, barely visible. He lurched forward, catching Flynn's lips up in a kiss.

“I want you to fuck me,” he breathed between kisses. “I want you to shoot your love rocket into my core. I want you all the way inside me. Fill me up. Make me yours.”

With a strangled groan, Flynn dragged him down. Yuri ground against him, heat and friction that shot straight up Flynn's spine in waves of pleasure. He fumbled between their bodies, trying to work his fly open, trying to get his pants out of the way. Yuri finally had to help, half rearing over him, taking away the sweetness of touch and motion, but only for a moment. As Flynn wriggled out of his pants, Yuri's hands closed around him, slick with lube. Flynn let his head fall back, thudding against the floor. Briefly, he realized that Yuri was going to have some explaining to do to Estelle if they didn't clean up thoroughly once they were done, but the thought was there and gone in an instant as Yuri's touch edged him closer to orgasm.

“You're swelled to bursting. Gonna fill me up, touch every part of me.” He lifted himself up, positioning Flynn at his entrance, and gasped as he slowly took him in.

“Oh, God, I wanted this so bad, wanted to sheathe your sword inside me. How do I feel?” he rolled his hips and Flynn groaned. “Do I fit you like a glove? Are you home inside me?”

“Yes,” the word came out on a hiss of breath, and Flynn reached for Yuri's hips, fingers clamping around them as he started to move. “So good.... Yuri, you feel so good...!”

“You light my fire...! I'm burning, Flynn, burning up, burning for you...!” He was moving faster, hips rising and falling as his breathing grew harsher and escaped with sharp cries. “It's like an inferno, like a volcano...! I want your volcano to erupt inside me! Fill me up with your burning seed!”

Flynn laughed as the pleasure mounted and sparked along his nerves. “You've made your point!” Yuri tightened around him and he gasped and groaned, fingers kneading Yuri's hips, working around to the soft curves of his ass.

“Part my folds.... Bury yourself deeper in me....” Yuri's breath hitched. He was panting, eyes squeezed shut, mouth slack. His lips formed words, but his voice was lost in his gasps for breath. Flynn thought he might have been mouthing: 'Yes, yes, yes.'

Yuri rode him to climax, forgetting his game, forgetting even his passionate moaning except for one soft cry as Flynn came inside him. He dropped when it was over, sprawling limp atop Flynn and snuggling lazily against him. The afterglow faded slowly, lingering in the warmth of Yuri's body and the twining of their fingers where one of Yuri's hands had come to rest upon Flynn's. He stroked Yuri's hair with his free hand, catching his breath and placing gentle kisses against the crown of his head. A hot, itchy feeling told him that his back and butt were likely carpet burned. He laughed softly at the thought, jostling Yuri who caught his mirth and echoed it with his own laughter. It bounced between them, growing until they were both laughing uncontrollably, clinging to each other on the floor of an empty bookstore.


Two days later, Flynn was back at the bookstore. Yuri had seen him coming and gotten started whipping up his usual cup of coffee. As Flynn paid, Yuri slid the steaming cup across to him, along with an unmarked disc in a slim jewel case. Flynn picked it up, but there was no clue as to its contents anywhere.

“What's this?”

“I thought it might be helpful for your next book,” Yuri said with a smile. He leaned across the counter and whispered next to Flynn's ear: “Turns out Estelle'd had a security camera installed.”

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